Recycled Leather that Respects the Environment

Sustainability is at the core of what we do responsibly turing something that would otherwise be wasted into something that’s truly wanted. Up to 75% of traditional leather is unused and often destined for landfill.

Our patented clean technology manufacturing process combines traditional leather fibres without the use of unfriendly adhesives that can be harmful the environment. Furthermore, the process recycles 95% of the process water, and the waste streams are converted into energy wich is fed back into the process.

We recovered the leather that would be lost in the production process to create a material 40% lighter and five times more resistant to abrasion than full grain leather.

The process reduces water usage by 90% and the enviromental impact compared to traditional leather production, with an 80% lower carbon footprint.

Leather by roll: width 140 cms
Color Fastness tu rubbing: 5
Abrasion resistace
Thickness 1.1 to 1.5 mm
Easy to clean
Resistance to hidrolysis
Soft handfeeling
Durability Performance

Low Carbon Footprint: Less than 5.0 kgs CO2/sq mtr
Contains 50% recycled cowhida and 20% R-PET
Reduction of residual material: Tannery waste comes used instead of being thrown into the landfill.

ByPell has a very low VOC wich allows it to be used also in the automotive and aeronautics sector
Saving of 95% of water, wich would usually be used during the normal tanning process of traditional leather
Less use of chemicals: for the production of ByPell about 70% less substance are used.