Between innovation and tradition: we provide the fabrics, you provide your style.

The Emm company based in Monte San Giusto has been a leader in its sector in footwear, uppers, comfort footwear and leather goods since 1950. Satisfying customer needs is the primary objective of the company and it faces it with experience, innovation and competence.
It has a warehouse of over 2000 square meters with over 3000 items inside.
Always ready to obtain the highest quality in the materials offered, it is active in the world of high fashion and in the Consumer area both nationally and internationally.
On the national network it has competent agents who cover vast commercial areas.

To find out more, visit www.emm.it

An innovative Bio product from the olive pit for the world of footwear, leather goods and clothing.

At the latest edition of Première Vision, the Company with the Main Brand EMM Susteinable successfully presented a new product: ByCore, a leather derived from the pit of the olives, which through a complex processing system is pulverized obtaining the pomace, the optimal residue for the creation of a leather of vegetable origin.
ByCore combines the innovative Bio PU coating with recycled fabrics as a base, obtaining a totally vegan material. A great innovative step that the company takes in line with current times.

To find out more, visit www.bycore.it